The company Embarcadero Technologies - an indispensable partner for organizations trying to cope with a rapidly growing number of corporate data.

The company designs and manufactures products that can make the work of employees less complicated and more productive in order to save time and ensure high performance and availability of databases.

Proposed solutions enable companies to engage in the creation, optimization and management of complex databases that are used by a wide range of enterprise applications. Supports the work at the application or database, ensures high availability of critical business information.

To date, Embarcadero Technologies products have chosen more than 70 000 users. The company has a contingent of loyal customers, including the world's largest corporations (97 of the Fortune 100), the leading financial institutions and government organizations. Among the clients of Embarcadero Technologies, companies and organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Sprint, Pepsi, NBC, Steelcase and Morgan Stanley.

ProfIT Service is an official partner of Embarcadero Technologies and ready to offer you software product lines CodeGear (Delphi, C + + Builder, JBuilder, InterBase, RAD Studio, Pascal, 3rd Rail) and DatabaseGear (Rapid SQL, ER Studio, Change Manager, EA Studio, DB Optimizer , DB Artisan).