Low-voltage systems


Structured Cable Systems

Structured cable systems - a reliable foundation for creating powerful information and computing systems and enterprise communication systems. We have developed an extensive, hierarchical cable systems, divided into structural subsystem for one or more buildings.

Elements of the cable network are integrated into a single universal and fault-tolerant system.For all equipment, used in complex projects of SCS, the manufacturer provides the guarantee till 25 years.

Our experts are ready to perform work on the following types of work:

  • design, installation and maintenance of SCS
  • connection, configuration, maintenance of active network equipment
  • installation and configuration of office software
  • laying cable in the box, gofrotrube in the street, including in the ground and by air
  • seal flush
  • strip suspended lines
  • installation of metal trays, ladder, wire, Plastic boxes
  • punching holes in walls and floor decks

 Access Control Systems (ACS)  

System access control - an important security component of modern enterprise. ACS - a set of hardware and software to access or travel by car to the protected area at the appropriate resolution.

Installing the ACS provides reliable protection of object against penetration of extraneous persons . ACS also allows you to fully control the daily flow of visitors through the protected object.

With the development of commercial fraud and industrial espionage, ACS is a very actual solution and helps to strengthen security measures for the protection of the object.

To recognize an object ACS allows us to apply modern principles of identification: Pin-code, contactless technology, biometrics fingerprint, iris, voice, man, Touch Memory, KeyLog - the use of remote key.

Benefits of ACS to the security company:

  • implementation of safety programs at any time and under any circumstances
  • savings on the number of security personnel through a centralized management system access to operator console
  • combined in one software and hardware complex set of functions: restricted access, taking into account the number of passes, recording the moment of entry and exit

Our company offers the fulfillment of the following types of work:

  • general setting and commissioning of Access Control Systems
  • installation, connection and commissioning of biometric systems (biometric readers)
  • installation of door closers, turnstiles, mortise and overhead electromechanical, electromagnetic locks
  • installation of electromechanical gates, tape fencing
  • installation and configuration of metal
  • installation, connection and commissioning of gates, photocells barriers, remote controls for gates and automation systems for gates
  • installation, connection and commissioning of swinging, sliding, garage, sliding gates

CCTV systems
CCTV systems are used as security systems within an enterprise as a system of technological tracking - to control the workflow in manufacturing and industry. Modern technical solutions and equipment allow to perceive the audio signals responsive to movement in the protected sector.

 Video recording system, which is one of the basic components of technological surveillance, can perform many functions: record video clips in real time, control cameras, rotating lens, zoom, image files to create records, view and manage them.  

CCTV - one of the most effective instruments for. Use it to conduct round-the protection of internal and external areas of the object, including monitor the workflow within the company.

Our experts are ready to implement:

  • installation and setup IP-cameras and IP-video devices
  • connection and setting DVRs and video servers
  • connection of video signal processing devices (multiplexers, quad)
  • installation and connection of rotary devices
  • assembly, connection and commissioning of telemetry
  • installation of infrared illuminators