No matter how advanced and progressive would not be computer equipment, sooner or later it breaks down. There is nothing eternal in our world - hardly anyone can argue with this statement.

 Computer technology surround us wherever we go. Every day at work or at home, we face them. But what if there was a breakage? In fact, computer malfunction or network paralyzing any work for a long time, bringing substantial losses. Moreover, for the modern man, accustomed to constantly work with the computer, any of its breakage - it is psychological stress.

 Our service center is ready to quickly and qualitatively carry out warranty and post-warranty repair of the full range of office equipment:

 Laptops, Computers, Server Equipment, Monitors, Printers, Multifunction, copiers, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS);

 Authorization of the world's largest equipment manufacturers allows quickly and high quality make repairs and routine maintenance of machinery: DELL, Lenovo, Xerox, Lexmark, D-Link, CTX, Belinea, IIYAMA, Proview, Hyundai, Libert, Riello, APC, Benq, MSI, Samsung, LG, Acer, Sony, Powerman , Toshiba , HP , ViewSonic, IBM..

 Our company - a close-knit team of professionals and we are confident that this professionalism is the quality that first feels the final consumer, so we are confident in our abilities, and therefore will continue to delight our customers.