Design and construction Data Centers

Failure-free work of an IT infrastructure of any topology provides a reliable hardware and software. With increasing volumes of used information before each company arises the problem of the processing speed and preservation of data.
 Modern data processing centers (DPC) is an end-to-end solution for enterprise’s managing information systems (MIS) and for organization and data storage.
 The main elements of the DPC:  processing system, data storage system, active network equipment and engineering systems.
 DPC in general are designed for safe handling and storage of information throughout its lifecycle.
 Current solutions for DPS allows to implement remote control of all subsystems - all active subsystems have standardized management interfaces for connecting to the central control room service.
 Each company, which operate outdated computing centers, sooner or later inevitably confronted with the question of elaboration of computing resources.
 Incorrect and outdated data storage system company always leads to loss of important information. Arise such problems as a temporary blocking of access to archives of information, reducing the availability of programs and applications, theft of corporate data.
 Our experts are ready to implement the whole cycle of works on construction of DPC from the formation of technical specifications to the service warranty and post warranty services.