About company


Modern enterprise is a complex system of elements, interrelated and interacting among themselves and with the external environment, contractors, suppliers, customers.

Business development complicates the system gradually - increasing the number of employees,the number of customers and partners, increasing the volume of information processed. The business processes are complicated, the processes of coordination and control of work units and companies as a whole.

Implementation of information systems, automating business processes is a natural and logical step dynamic company, seeking to maintain a competitive advantage, optimize resources and improve the quality of the provided services.

Feature of the system integration compared with the creation of an information project on a “turnkey“ basis is that work of system integration performed on the "live" operating infrastructure, without interfering with the normal operation of the business process. In the course of this work may be used only proven technology solutions. There is no space experimentation and testing of new technologies.

Based on advanced technology, our company is able to implement an automation project of any complexity, to conduct the pre-project survey and to provide consulting services.

When developing information systems, we place great emphasis on the integration of the developed system with related systems, already operate at the enterprise.

We strive for a long-term relationships with our customers, offering services in all areas of using information technology - from developing integrated solutions to technical support and maintenance.